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Koi pond

In Japan Kois bring good fortune or good luck. They also are associated with perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose. In Buddhism they symbolise courage. The fish are considered to be symbolic of advancement materially and spiritually. The colours of the fish have a meaning as follows: Bekko: The translation of the name is […]


Completely digital!

This humming bird weighs 2,3 g and is 2,6 inches long. Lives mostly in Trinidad and North Brazil. This is a digital painting.


An old fashioned, sweet way to say you are on a holiday…

A sentimental way to say “hello” when you are on vacation is to send some self-made greeting cards, especially when communication today is reduced to short messages and emails. It’s a bit time consuming but gives you great satisfaction. The recipient gets something really special. So this card for example travelled from India to Germany!


Urban sketch

This featured photo is the harbour in Claddagh,Galaway city done with pen and ink and a water colour line wash. Press to see another drawing: Berlin Cathedral  


Hire me for a commissioned painting

Do you have a particular idea or do you love certain colours, for example which suit your living room? Are you passionate about something? It could be anything from music to motorcycles.  I would simply love to translate your vision on canvas. You can either provide me a photo resource or you can describe your […]