Christmas and creativity

My creativity is at its best during Christmas time, inspired by all the decorations around me. This year with the environmental problem and all my creations are with less material but with more impact. The branches were decorated with self made paper flowers.

Micha’s paradise garden

Micha, owns a paradise-like garden which is an inspiration for all artists. This is my first water colour interpretation of this beautiful piece of earth.

Hans-Joachim and Walburgi are a regular resident duck couple in this pond. 

Rain forest series

When I visited Seychelles in 2016, I was very much inspired by the paintings of local artists. This was the beginning of my Rain forest series. Seven of them are now distributed in the living rooms and offices of lovers of my rain forest paintings. These are painted with many mediums ( acrylic, oils, digital).


Spring blossoms

The COVID period has been quite strenuous for all of us. Gladly, nature is still the same and unaffected by all this virus game. Spring is slowly peeping through, temperatures are still a bit low though, which is good for all the tender flowers. The petals will stay fresh for a longer time for us to enjoy. Here are some water colours of the beautiful blossoms around me.

Apple blossom
Cherry blossom
grape hyacinth

“Mutterpass“ (maternity record)

The present maternity record which is in use, is an old fashioned pale grey booklet. This has been in use, unquestioned by all expecting mothers for decades in Germany. A doctor colleague of mine coaxed me to paint some positive and happy covers for this booklet. Two of them were chosen 3 weeks ago to be printed, and guess what, expecting mothers are fascinated!

Tree of life
The printed covers

Gandhi´s 150th birthday 2019

On Mahatma Gandhi´s 150th birthday commemoration many artists presented paintings of Gandhi as a part of a competition organised by the Embassy of India in Berlin. My submission “Salt and Gandhi”, shows Gandhi as an iconic figure holding salt symbolically in his hands. This is painted with acrylics on a huge canvas (180 x 80 cm).

I am happy to announce that my painting won a prize and it was a great honour to recieve appreciation from the present Ambassador of India Mrs. Mukta Dutta Tomar. The painting adorns the cultural department of the embassy at present.

The Salt march of 1930 was an act of civil disobedience led by Gandhi to british rule in India. This march gained world wide attention which gave impetus to the indian independence movement.